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The start takes place in Egilshöll. By Egilshöll we have plenty of parking space and great access to the main road which we will follow on route out of the city. Please make sure that your team arrives early for preparation. 15 minutes before the race start we will call riders to the start line. All the teams will start at the same time but we ask riders to be aware of the team goal in terms of finishing time and give space in the front for faster teams.

From Egilsholl Stadium riders will take the Þingvallavegur and Kjósarskarðsvegur into Hvalfjörður Fjord. Special race rules apply on the 38 km route from Egilshöll Stadium to the end of the gravel road on Kjósarskarðsvegur.

On this part of the race route no rider exchanges are allowed apart from at a one pre-defined exchange zone. It is also forbidden to stop to pick up a rider which means that those riders which enter a section on the first kilometers must finish it.

Until the exchange zone on Kjósarskarðsvegur no follow vehicles are allowed. Direct follow vehicles for Category A and B teams must leave Egilshöll not later than 17:45 on June 27th and wait for their riders next to the allowed rider’s exchange zone on Kjósarskarðsvegur road #48. Race officials will assist with parking on the section, please respect their authority.

After the first exchange each team is only allowed one vehicle at a time until the team has left Hvalfjarðarvegur road #47. Therefore it is advised that the second follow vehicle (if registered) travels directly through the Hvalförður tunnel and meet their teams on road #1 after the intersection of road #47 and road #1.

Once Category A has started the race at 18:00 vehicles will not be able to pass the riders until after Category B has passed an hour later. Please respect the time limit to ensure rider’s safety and to keep traffic delays at a minimum.

If a unforeseen incident like a failure of a bike or similar that demands that a rider of the team needs support, spare parts or a new bike the team needs to contact the race director to make it possible to give such support. For given reasons we want to reaffirm that setting up team tactic based around changing riders bike to a more suitable bike just before entering the gravel section is strictly forbidden, this is a misinterpretation of the rules. If a team is believed to have broken this rule it may be stopped and given time penalties.

There is an 8.5 km gravel segment on Kjósarskarðsvegur Road. The segment’s condition will be discussed at the team meeting on Monday, June 25, as the road is under construction and conditions can change before the race.

Riders who ride the first section of the race (from Egilshöll to end of gravel section on Kjósarskarðsvegur) is obliged to carry a mobile cell phone in case an incident causes the cyclist to be unable to proceed with the race. We would like to use the opportunity to note that teams are free to have more then one team member riding at any given time, including this first section. It is not allowed to use other vehicles then the registered team car to support riders in this first section of the race.

All teams must familiarize themselves with the first 38 km of the race. Read below for a more detailed description of the new route out of Reykjavik.

Part 1 (6 km)


Riders start from Egilsholl Stadium with a police escort controlling the speed. All teams must respect the speed limit given by the police safety car and give it plenty of space.

Part 2 (18 km)


At the roundabout by Álafoss the escort vehicle will release the race and riders are free to race at their preferred speed

Riders make a right turn from Vesturlandsvegur Road (No. 1) onto Þingvallavegur Road (No. 36).

Þingvallavegur Road will be closed to general traffic from the east by Grafningur, so riders should not expect cars coming from the opposite direction. Riders must still adhere to general traffic rules and stay on the right side of the road.

Police escort vehicles will stay with riders making sure that no vehicles will try to pass the group on its way to Kjósarskarðsvegur Road.

Part 3 (14 km)


Riders make a left turn off Þingvallavegur Road onto Kjósarskarðsvegur (No. 48).

0 km – 1 km Kjósarskarðsvegur Road: Exchange Zone

All exchanges before the gravel part of Kjósarskarðsvegur Road must be done here. Team vehicles must stop and wait outside this zone.

Teams that attack, put pressure on other teams or in any way try to use the change zone to gain advantage on other teams might have to face time penalties.

1 km - 5,5 km Kjósarskarðsvegur: Parking for team cars.


WOW cyclothon staff will guide team cars to appropriate parking. We kindly ask participants to follow directions from our staff.

5,5 km - 14 km Kjósarskarðsvegur: Malarkafli


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