Responsability lies with participants to know the rules of the race, ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a mitigating factor.

It is the responsibility of every Racer, Crew, and Staff to read these rules carefully.

If you have any questions, please email before The Race or contact any Race Official at the start or during The Race. If you come across versions of the rules in other languages please be aware that the English version published on the WOW Cyclothon official website will decide if there is any discrepancy.

2019 rules can be found on a pdf here.
Last update April 16th 2019


  • Safety

  • Fairness

  • To uphold the integrity of the race


  • Treat other racers and crew as you would wish to be treated.

  • Be exemplary road user

  • Treat nature and other road users with respect

The goal is to finish the race and come home safe!


Traffic violation, unbroken line

Please note that the rules, section 200: penalties has been updated. We have now a new penalty board which are support vehicles are subject to. When making a rider exchange it is forbidden (a traffic law violation) to stop the vehicle on the road shoulder where there is an unbroken line. Stopping at such a spot on the road creates a hazardous situation for other traffic. Teams and passing traffic may report support vehicles to the Race Management during the race which can issue a warning or without warning use the following penalty board to issue penalties. Sufficient proof of rule violation has to be sent to the race management. Sufficient proof is considered a photo showing clearly the location of the support vehicle, vehicle number and team number. A sufficient proof is also if two or more independent parties confirm the violation.

Traffic Violation Penalty Structure (specific to illegal parking on the roadside in 2019):
1st Penalty 2 minutes
2nd Penalty 5 minutes
3rd Penalty 15 minutes
4th Penalty 30 minutes (Total - 52 minutes)
5th Penalty Disqualification

Corporate Subcategory

For the first time teams can enter a corporate subcategory under category B (10 person teams). The corporate team finishing the in the shortest amount of time will be honoured at the award ceremony.


According to the WOW Cyclothon rules require all support vehicles to install a GPS tracker from the race. Furthermore the support vehicles are required to follow all race and traffic rules at any time. The support vehicles and its drivers are a part of the team and are subject to the race rules. In 2018 the race management will use the tracker information to monitor the driving to apply the rule, give warnings and penalties if rules are broken. Please note that serious violation to the rules can result in the team getting disqualified.


Please note that it is the responsibility of every racer and crew to read the rules of WOW Cyclothon carefully, this is not an exhaustive list of the rules or the changes made to them from previous year.

Race categories and subcategories

Mixed teams may include both male and female members in any ratio but to be applicable for a prize medal in the mixed subcategory they need to adhere to the rules regarding male to female ratio of cyclists (50/50 – drivers excluded). All finishers receive finisher medals. The first three teams in each subcategory will receive prize medals and will be honoured at the final celebration and prize ceremony. Please read the condition for all subcategories and make sure your team is registered correctly.

Please note that from 2018 teams in B-category, mixed subcategory must hold a 50/50 ratio of men/women.


Please note that it is the responsibility of every racer and crew to read the rules of WOW Cyclothon carefully, this is not an exhaustive list of the rules or the changes made to them from previous year.

Section 200: Penalties

The Race Administration and Race Officials can give teams the following penalties for breaking WOW Cyclothon rules or Icelandic traffic rules. Riders may be pulled over by a race official in a Penalty Zone to wait out their penalties. If a team receives a penalty during the final leg of the race the time penalty will be added to the team’s finishing time after arriving at the finish line.

Penalty Structure:
1st Penalty 15 minutes
2nd Penalty 15 minutes (Total – 30 minutes)
3rd Penalty 30 minutes (Total – 60 minutes)
4th Penalty 45 minutes (Total – 105 minutes)
5th Penalty 60 minutes (Total – 165 minutes)
6th Penalty Disqualification

Section 800 (item 6)

Racers must not ride on the Race Route in reverse direction. For example: When a rider yields to the right after a successful exchange he/she cannot go to the other side of the road and cycle back to meet the support vehicle. The support vehicle must go to the rider or the rider must get of his/her bike and walk on the same side of the road back to the support vehicle. This rule also applies to riders about to start their shift

While waiting for the rider to do an exchange they must never cycle in the reverse direction of the race.

All exchanges should be done in front of the team’s support vehicle.

Racers must not ride on the Race Route in reverse direction. If a Racer rides past an Exchange or support location, the Racer must get off the bicycle and walk back to that point or wait for the Support Vehicle to pick them up.


Note that the rules have been changed so that teams can now share a support vehicle if they are racing for the same sponsor or group.

Stricter rules now apply regarding accusations of cheating and formal appeals. Please respect the time limits given for such complaints.

Previous rules are still in force although some may have been reworded or defined further to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretations.

Teams can update the member information, etc on the team's homepage until June 10th. If teams wish to make modifications to their teams after that it is possible but subject to a fee of 3,500 ISK for each modification.