The finish line is located on Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur. The team’s participation will finish once the front wheel of the first rider passes the finish line. Please make sure that the time chip is attached to the bike most likely to pass the finish line first to make sure the timing is accurate.

For A and B category the timing chip should be on the bike that is aimed to be the first bike of the team to cross the finish line. If the results are unclear from the timing chips the results will be determined with a finish line camera, the front tip of the front wheel of the first bike of the team determines when the team has finished.

Special rules are for the last 20 km of WOW cyclothon and are they as follows:

Riders turn from Suðurstrandavegur Road (No. 427) onto Krýsuvíkurvegur Road (No. 42).

From Fúlipollur Volcanic Spring and the parking lot by Seltún there are 20 km are left until the finish line. This is the final segment of the race.

No exchanges are allowed on this segment; no new riders can be put out or riders picked up. Riders who begin this segment must finish it. Riders wishing to cross the finish line for their team must ride this whole segment.

If a rider suffers a malfunction on this segment, they are allowed to receive assistance from their team in the form of spare parts, spare bikes or repairs to their gear to help them finish the segment.

Riders make a right turn off Krýsuvíkurvegur Road onto Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur Road before reaching the road to Álfhella.

From this intersection there is approximately 1 km to the finish line on Hvaleryarvatnsvegur road.

Team cars have to turn off Hvaleryarvatnsvegur road to a special parking lot to make room for cyclists before the finish line.

The route is chosen with safety as main concern where other roads to the capital area are not ideal due to high traffic loads and high traffic speeds.

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