Management announcement: Time penalty

Based on the enclosed photo and information from eye witness WOW cyclothon race management has confirmed that team number 3002 has broken rule number 330 of the race. Read race rules.

"330: Unbroken line Race vehicles are forbidden to stop for rider exchange where there is an unbroken line unless all 4 wheels of the car are parked off the road. There is a specific penalty board linked to this violation of the race rules in section 200 of the rules. Please read them carefully."

Time penalty of 2 minutes will be added to the team's finishing time according to the penalty board in section 200:

"Traffic Violation Penalty Structure (specific to illegal parking on the roadside in 2019):
1st Penalty 2 minutes
2nd Penalty 5 minutes
3rd Penalty 15 minutes
4th Penalty 30 minutes (Total - 52 minutes)
5th Penalty Disqualification"