Gravel news: Kjósarskarðsvegur (Road nr. 48)

Like promised here are few photos of the first gravel section, at Kjósarskarðsvegur (road nr. 48)

We are going to break this down a bit:

2,3 km before the gravel, approximately 6.7 km from the intersection of road 48 and 36: This is a new road surface that is course but not a lot of loose stones, cars will move them around though.

Where the gravel starts, approx. 9 km from the intersection: This gravel is quite firm but be aware of washboards.

Approx. 9,3 km from the intersection we have this old road surface with potholes, be aware of the last one, it is surprisingly deep

Approx. 10,4 km from the intersection: This VERY course gravel is in your way, watch out! It is very loose, narrow tires can dig into this surface. A mountain bike is highly recommended here.

Approx. 11,5 km from the intersection you are back on a gravel road that should be more firm but with some washboards.

11,9 km from the intersection: Again, new road surface that is a bit course, similar to #1. This lasts for about 2,2 km.

Oskar Omarsson