Important Race Information 2019

Dear participants,

We are really close to starting the WOW cyclothon challenge!

To get straight to the point, it is high time to address some practical matters. 

  • TEAM MEETING, RACE DOCUMENTS AND FIRST RACE START. The first event of the race is the riders meeting on June 25th. It is mandatory for team captains (2 per team) but all team members are encouraged to show up. This year it will be held in the facilities of Ölgerðin (GATORADE), one of our sponsors. The meeting is in English at 18:00 and Icelandic at 19:15. Solo category and Hjólakraftur will start their ride from this location at 19:00. We encourage you to stick around to see them off or show up a bit earlier. They are headed for an extreme mission and need all the good vibes they can get! The race documents should also be picked up at the meeting, open from 17:45 - 19:45. The full schedule is on the website. Please read it carefully.

  • CAR TRACKERS. All team vehicles should have a tracker. The car trackers should be picked up by the teams in Síminn store.Please find further information on where, when and how on the website. By clicking the link you can also access some more practical info on the race and race documents.

  • FINALISING REGISTRATION. Team leaders are responsible for finalising the team registration before June 24th. That includes registering the names of all riders and making sure to upload a signed waiver for each and every one. Please make sure that the team leaders have a correct phone number registered. The phone numbers need to be switched on and in the team car during the race. To register the information please sign in here. If your password is lost you can request a new one which will be sent to the registered team leaders. Your access to the team registration will close on midnight, June 23rd. After that any changes are subject to management consent as well as a fee, 3,500 ISK per change.

  • RACE RULES. Please make sure to read through the race rules. They are available here.

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST. We have three ways to get your attention throughout the race. 1)Race announcements on our website. 2) Through our facebook site. 3) Via text message. On June 24th we will send out a test message to all team leaders which numbers you upload through the team registration page. If you have not received a text by the end of the day please notify us through email.

For any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to stay in touch. At the same time we urge you to read through the race website before dropping us a line to see if you might find the answers there. The email is very busy the last few days prior to the race but we will try our best to answer as quickly as possible.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you at registration and race start! Until then, ride on...

Kind regards,
Race Management