Rules for A class

Rules for A Class, 4(6) person teams 2016

These rules are subject to change until May 1st 2016. Please familiarize yourself with the “Arrangement and General Rules for all Categories”.


Class A Teams

  1. Teams have three days (72 hours) to cover all 1,358 km.
  2. The first 3 men’s and mixed teams (teams with both men and women) receive awards and the first 3 women’s teams receive awards. 1st price for each category is airfares with WOW air. 

Class A Team Members

  1. The team is made up of four cyclists and two drivers and all team members must travel the entire route. Only designated cyclists are allowed to ride the bikes.
  2. Four cyclists share the burden of cycling the whole course but there is no limit as to how many cyclists can ride simultaneously – as long as there is at least one.
  3. Class A teams must rely solely on themselves all the way. It is for example prohibited for another car to ride alongside the team, storing gear, food or other team belongings, inspect the road or conditions ahead or get food or anything the team might require during the race. Class A team members can not under any circumstances be in another vehicle while the race is under way.
  4. All six (6) team members must travel the entire route together.


Class A Team Vehicles

  1. A team vehicle must be labeled in such a way that other drivers in the general traffic are warned that there is a cyclist on the road ahead.
  2. A team vehicle must be equipped with the WOW Cyclothon GPS system (Arctic Track). During the race a team vehicle’s location will be published on a map in real time on WOW Cyclothon’s Web Page.
  3. Race management, in coordination with Arctic Track, will assign each A Class team a time frame during which they must be fitted with the WOW Cyclothon GPS system by Arctic Track. Each team will sign a contract ensuring that they will return the GPS system fitted in their vehicle.
  4. A Class team vehicle should always accompany the cyclist on the road but service breaks are allowed. Service breaks where the team vehicle leaves a cyclist to cycle alone on the road may not last for more than 20 minutes.
    1. All team vehicles and trailers used in the cyclothon shall meet the requirements of regulations no. 822 according to Icelandic laws on automobiles and their equipment. 
    2. Drivers of team vehicles must fully comply to Icelandic traffic laws and regulations.

Race Start

  1. The A class starts on June 15th at 6 PM (18:00) and ends on June 18th at 6 PM (18:00), meaning a total of 72 hours. 
  2. More information about the start will be published soon.
  3. At the starting line the clock will start at “gun shot” and all teams in the A Class will get the same starting time.
  4. No more than two cyclists from each team can participate in the start and cycle the first leg of the competition.
  5. A Police vehicle will accompany cyclists at an even pace from the starting line, onto Sæbraut and then onto Vesturlandsvegur, to the parking lot at Mt. Esja in Kollafjörður. Once there the Police escort car will peel off and the competitors are released for a flying start, though timing begins at Laugardalsvöllur Stadium.
  6. A Class cyclists will continue on Vesturlandsvegur and then make a right turn onto Hvalfjarðarvegur (Route 47).
  7. The teams’ first changeover is permitted after the team’s first cyclist has reached the flags at Tíðarskarð. Team members who participate in the start and the first leg of the race must cycle the entire distance from Laugardalsvöllur stadium to the flags at Tíðarskarð.
  8. All A class Team vehicles shall vacate the parking lot at Laugardalsvöllur Stadium no later than 10 minutes before the start (5:50 PM / 17:50) and drive to Hvalfjörður.
  9. In Hvalfjördur, after reaching the flags in Tíðarskarð, A class Team vehicles shall be positioned at the right shoulder of the road (Route 47) with appropriate space in between.
  10. Race management requests that all A Class teams perform their first changeover with great care, both regarding their team vehicles and cyclists so as not to endanger their safety or the safety of others on the road.
  11. After the first changeover by Tíðarskarð in Hvalfjörður, changeovers are permitted anywhere on the course provided that the team vehicle can safely peel off to the side of the road without posing danger to general traffic or other teams.
  12. Cyclists that cycle the first leg of the race (Laugardalur Stadium – Tíðarskarð, Hvalfjörður) are obliged to carry a cell phone in order to communicate with their team vehicle in case an accident occurs and the cyclist cannot go on.
  13. In case of accidents during the first leg of the race the team vehicle must get another team member or equipment to the location in question to be able to continue the race. No other cars than the team vehicle can be used during this first leg of the race. Race management shall be informed in all instances about the causes for a changeover during the first leg of the race.


The Course

  1. The Cyclothon is a 1,358 km relay race around Iceland, north to south. The course runs along Route 1 with four exceptions:
  • West Iceland: The route north goes around Hvalfjörður Fjord, not through the Hvalfjörður Tunnel.
  • North Iceland: When competitors reach Lake Mývatn they should turn left at the farm Laxá. For safety reasons, the route goes north of the lake. Later on, competitors take a right turn towards Reykjahlíð, before turning left towards Egilsstaðir. Competitors must not cycle to the south of the lake, past Dimmuborgir. You might like to know that this is the only place where Route 1 splits into two, because both the north and south routes around Mývatn are Route 1.
  • East Iceland: All teams must take Öxi mountain road, Route 939, and not Route 1 over Breiðdalsheiði. This is the reason teams need to have a mountain bike/cyclocross bike with them to traverse the 29 km of gravel on the Öxi road.
  • South Iceland: When teams reach Selfoss they turn south, onto Route 34, passing Eyrarbakki and then cycling on Suðurstrandavegur (Route 427) through Krýsuvík until they reach the Finish line which will be set up close to Reykjanesbraut at Vellir neighborhood in Hafnarfjordur. Part of that course is on Route 427, a gravel road. It is up to each team to decide whether to use a mountain bikes/cyclocross bikes or brave the gravel road on racers.



  1. The first changeover is permitted after the team’s first cyclist passes a WOW Cyclothon flag by Tíðarskarð in Hvalfjörður.
  2. Cyclists’ changeover takes place when the front tire of the cyclist finishing his leg overtakes the front tire of the cyclist who is starting his leg. The front tires are considered a team’s baton and the baton is passed and the changeover thus valid when the front tire of the bike finishing a leg passes the front tire of the bike starting a leg. There is no need for team members to touch for the changeover to be considered valid. 
  3. It is very important that the cyclist finishing his leg always peels off to the right shoulder and stops immediately, never going into the middle of the road for a changeover. This way other cyclists know where the finishing cyclist is heading to pull over and a collision can thus be avoided.
  4. A team vehicle drives ahead of its team for a changeover, roughly 2 km, and stops at a safe location. The vehicle should not pose any danger to others or be in any danger from other traffic. The next cyclist uses this stop to prepare to take over from the one finishing his leg. 
  5. Please be extremely careful during changeovers and abide by traffic laws at all times with regard to other competitors and general traffic. Use rest areas (lay-by), tracks and other options that reduce the chance of accidents. Make sure not to stop before or after blind rises or at solid central lines.
  6. Teams decide for themselves how frequently they change cyclists but when five or more teams are cycling together the minimum time between changeovers is 25 minutes.

The Finish Line

  1. The finish line will be situated at the end of Krýsuvíkurvegur (Krýsuvík Road), midway between Seltorg and Reykjanesbraut in the town of Hafnarfjörður.
  2. Each team will be given two timing chips before the race, to be fastened onto two of the team’s bikes before they reach the detection loops, installed in the track at the finish line.
  3. A team’s timing stops when the first cyclist of that team goes through the detection loops at the finish line
  4. Should a need to decide the results between two or more teams arise, race management will look at photos from a camera situated at the finish line. Results will be decided based on when the furthest forward point of the front tire passes the vertical line over the front edge of the finishing line.
  5. The last part of the course through Krýsuvík Road will be closed from all traffic. Team vehicles must drive onwards through Hraunhella to the west to reach the finish line at Krýsuvík Road from Reykjanesvegur. At the finish line the WOW Cyclothon GPS trackers will be removed from the team vehicle and the riders will return the timing chips.


Other Information

  1. Class A teams can only use slipstream from other Class A competitors, i.e. that have the same colored markings on their seat tube.
  2. When a faster team catches up to a team competing in a different class, the slower team should give the faster team room to pass and gain at least a 2 km advantage. The teams’ cyclists are allowed to cycle side by side for up to 15 minutes but need to part ways after that.
  3. A team vehicle should always accompany the cyclist and have visible markings so that other drivers are alerted to the fact that there is a cyclist on the road ahead. Vehicles may take breaks for service while their cyclist(s) continues the race, but such breaks may not last longer than 20 minutes.
  4. Time trial or triathlon bicycles, time trial helmets, disk wheels or aero bars on racers are not permitted for Class A teams.
  5. Fee for participation is 70.000 ISK per team and shall be paid upon registration. After April 1st the fee will be increased to 100.000 ISK.
  6. Comments and questions regarding the rules or the competition in general can be e-mailed to:
  7. All WOW Cyclothon participants, cyclists and drivers/assistants must hand in a signed waiver of consent before June 1st or the registration is considered invalid. The teams’ captains are responsible for gathering their team members’ signatures, scanning them into one document and e-mailing it to or mail them in an envelope marked “A Class” as well as their team’s name to: WOW Cyclothon, Katrínartúni 12, 105 Reykjavik


Last updated January 7th, 2016