Arrangement and General Rules for all Categories

Please familiarize yourself with the rules for each category. Nota that WOW Cyclothon organizers reserve the right to update these rules until May 1st 2016. 

Registration fees and deadlines

  1. Registration opened January 8th.
  2. The registration deadline is midnight (GMT) May 1st, 2016.
  3. Fee is payable on registration. Read the rules for each category for more information. 
  4. All WOW Cyclothon participants, cyclists and drivers/assistants must hand in a signed waiver of consent before June 1st.

Categories and prizes

  1. See rules for each category. 

Start time

  1. Starting times will be advertised soon.

The Course (see the track here)

  1. The Cyclothon is in the form of a 1358 km relay race along Iceland’s ring road. The course runs northwards from Reykjavik along Route 1, with four exceptions:
  • The rout north goes around Hvalfjörður Fjord, not through the Hvalfjörður Tunnel.
  • When competitors reach Lake Mývatn they should turn left at the farm Laxá. For safety reasons, the route goes north of the lake. Later on, competitors take a right turn towards Reykjahlíð, before turning left towards Egilsstaðir. Competitors must not cycle to the south of the lake, past Dimmuborgir. You might like to know that this is the only place where Route 1 splits into two, because both the north and south routes around Mývatn are Route 1.
  • All teams must take Öxi mountain road, Route 939, and not Route 1 over Breiðdalsheiði. This is the reason teams need to have a mountain bike/cyclocross bike with them to traverse the 29 km of gravel on the Öxi road.
  • When teams reach Selfoss they turn south, onto Route 34, passing Eyrarbakki and then cycling on Suðurstrandavegur (Route 427) through Krýsuvík until they reach the Finish line which will be set up close to Reykjanesbraut at Vellir neighborhood in Hafnarfjordur. Part of that course is on Route 427, a gravel road. It is up to each team to decide whether to use mountain bikes/cyclocross bikes or brave the gravel road on racers.
  1. If a cyclist leaves the course, he/she must rejoin again in the same place.


  1. All bicycles are permitted in the race except time trial or triathlon bicycles, time trial helmets, disk wheels or aero bars on racers. Using racers or cyclocross bikes on racing tires is recommended. Teams also have to carry a mountain bike or cyclocross bike with them for the 29 km gravel section over Öxi mountainroad (Route 939) and Kleifarvatn (Route 427) and in case of road works which may be along the course at that time of year.
  2. The use of helmets is compulsory and helmets must be CE certified and no more than five-years-old. A, B and Hjólakraftur team classes may not use time trial helmets, but such helmets may be used in the individual class.
  3. All teams must have at least four high-visibility vests or jackets on hand to be used by cyclists during all changeovers and when cycling in poor weather/visibility conditions. When a team’s vehicle is stationary, use the hazard lights to alert other drivers that it is temporarily obstructing traffic.
  4. Driver and/or changeover assistants shall wear high visibility clothing whenever they leave the vehicle to assist during changeovers.
  5. Bicycles shall be equipped with good brakes front and rear and be in safe working order. Checking the conditions of brake pads, tires and chains before and during the race is highly recommended.

Traffic rules

  1. Under no circumstances may a competitor use the slipstream of a preceding car, or go into the middle of a two-lane road to get a slipstream from passing cars.
  2. Team vehicles may not drive alongside or in front of team members to shield them from wind.
  3. Route 1 passes through several urban areas in the country. Within these towns and villages, the rules of neutral zone applies. Participants are expected to ride with caution and follow all traffic rules. They are not permitted to make drastic speed changes in order to skip ahead of other cyclists. Places such as Reykjavík, Mosfellsbær, Borgarnes , Blönduós, Varmahlíð, Akureyri, Mývatn, Egilsstaðir, Vík, Hvolsvöllur, Hella, Selfoss and Hveragerði.
  4. Make sure to ride on the right side of the road at all times. It is very important that the team mate ending their leg for the time being always peel off to the right (not into the middle of the road) and onto the shoulder to stop.
  5. Competitors are not allowed to accept outside assistance while the race is in progress. Exceptions are: fuel, toilet facilities, drinks, food, clothing, tires, inner tubes and tools which accompany the bike.
  6. Only registered team members are allowed to transport other members of the team from one place to another during the course of the race and can only use a registered team vehicle to do so.
  7. Team vehicles may not carry extra passengers. An exception from this rule applies if an extra passenger is only onboard for a short period of time to gather material for media/marketing purposes. Contact race management for further permissions.
  8. All team vehicles and trailers used in the cyclothon shall meet the requirements of regulations no. 822 according to Icelandic laws on automobiles and their equipment. 
  9. Drivers of team vehicles must fully comply to Icelandic traffic laws and regulations.


Finish line

  1. The finish line will be situated at the end of Krýsuvíkurvegur (Krýsuvík Road), midway between Seltorg and Reykjanesbraut in the town of Hafnarfjörður.
  2. A team’s timing stops when the bike of the team’s first cyclist goes through detection loops, installed in the track at the finish line.
  3. Should a need to decide the results between two or more teams arise, race management will look at photos from a camera situated at the finish line. Results will be decided based on when the furthest forward point of the front tire passes the vertical line over the front edge of the finishing line.
  4. The last part of the course through Krýsuvík Road will be closed from all traffic. Team vehicles must drive onwards through Hraunhella to the west to reach the finish line at Krýsuvík Road from Reykjanesvegur. At the finish line the WOW Cyclothon GPS tracker will be removed from the team vehicle and the teams will return their timing chips.


  1. Race management can give teams 30 minute time penalties if they have without a doubt broken the rules of WOW Cyclothon in general or specific rules for their class. The time penalty will be added to their finish time at the end of the race.
  2. Repeated braking of WOW Cyclothon’s general or class specific rules can result in disqualification from the race.


Other information

  1. Participants will receive WOW Cyclothon competition material before the race. This event will be advertised at well before the race.
  2. A timing system will be located at the finish line. At the starting line the clock will start at “gun shot” and all teams in a class will get the same starting time.
  3. There are four separate competing classes (A, B, Hjólakraftur and Individual) which will be distinguishable by colored markings on the seat tube of all bicycles. The markings will be provided at the same time as other competition materials, TBA.
  4. Always take care not to put other competitors or other road users in danger, to use appropriate hand signals and follow all traffic regulations.
  5. Participation in the race is the sole responsibility of each competitor and all participants must have signed a waiver of consent before June 1st.
  6. Follow regularly updated information about the race on the WOW Cyclothon page on Facebook.
  7. It is each team captain’s responsibility to forward all information sent by WOW Cyclothon to his fellow team members. Captains must therefore make sure that all team members’ registered phone numbers and email addresses are kept correctly updated from registration until the end of the race.
  8. WOW Cyclothon’s official final party will be held after the race, location, date and time will be announced later.


To all WOW Cyclothon participants

  1. All participants should make it their responsibility to make WOW Cyclothon into a great race and do their best to prevent any accidents to themselves or others during this fun cycling event.
  2. Participants should always show superb sportsmanship and be good ambassadors for the WOW Cyclothon, its charity partner and for the sport of cycling in general.
  3. Breaking of the above rules could result in disqualification from the race.


Last updated January 7th, 2016