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Specific Exchange Zones in Hvalfjörður

Please always use car parks, side roads or other suitable places to stop team vehicle. Cyclist have to be able to make use of the road focus on the race and have space for exchanges. It is not mandatory to execute exchange at all specific exchange zones.


From start line the race goes through Mosfellsbær following road nr. 1 into Kollafjörð and through Kjalarnes. Right turn into Hvalfjörður road (road nr. 47). After the turn the route leads to Tíðarskarð where Exchange zone A starts.

Exchange zone A: From carpark at Tíðarskarð to Eyrarfjallsvegur road. 3 km long.

Exchange zone B: From carpark at Félagsgarð (community center Drengur in Kjós) to Kjósaskarðsvegur side road to Kjós.

Exchange zone C: Fossá carpark, pleaes leave space for others to enter and leave the carpark.

Exchange zone D: Carparks at the old whalingstation in Hvalfjörður, team cars should leave the road completely.

Exchange zone E: Carpark at the swimming pool at Hlaðir.

From Specific exchange zone E the route leads to Route nr. 1, approx 12 km. When you reach Route nr. 1 exchanges can be executed where needed.

Distances between Exchange zones

Start -> A = 23,3 km
A -> B = 10,8 km
B -> C = 11,6km
C -> D = 13,7km
D -> E = 7,8km 
E -> Route nr. 1 = 12km