Team Landsbref 2014

Taking their gold to the bank

It’s a well-known fact that the B - Class teams have more fun and 39 teams of 10 cyclists signed up for WOW Cyclothon 2014. Four of them took the lead in the beginning, Team Landsbréf, Workforce B, Team Nýherji and Team Arion Banki and it was clear that those teams were in it to win.

Landsbref 20140626_WOW_Cyclo_6692.jpg

In the beginning, the race was on, but a luxurious break for the Workforce B resting unit just before Öxi is said to have lost the team their chance of first place. Team Landsbréf led the race after that, all the way to the finish line, completing their journey in 40 hours and 36 minutes.

Landsbref 20140626_WOW_Cyclo_6561.jpg

The members of Team Landsbréf consisted mostly of colleagues from Landsbankinn Bank and Landsbréf Fund Management plus two ‘outsiders.’ Their goal from the beginning was … WINNING! “You could say that the team started out as sort of a group therapy but even before the race we knew we had the strongest team in the B category and we always planned to take this race and make it ours. We also set as our goal to finish the race in, under 41 hours. We were actually a little surprised that the tempo of the race was so slow in the beginning and decided to leave the other teams behind around the Öxi mountain road. After that we were cycling solo for first place,” says Team Landsbréf’s spokesman. “We had a hard time believing in our position while we were cycling the south coast so we sent the resting unit’s vehicle back to check on the other teams’ progress and measure our advantage,” he adds.

Landsbref 20140626_WOW_Cyclo_6522.jpg

Team Landsbréf used two vehicles in the race and left half the team to rest in Akureyri in north Iceland. “Our resting unit was supposed to meet the racing unit halfway from Egilsstaðir but they overslept and the racing unit had to take the whole journey to Egilsstaðir by themselves. That’s why we decided to forgo our rest the second night of the race. The resting part of our plan was very well executed; the rule was to never sleep in a moving vehicle and that comes from experience,” the team adds.

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Despite their great victory in 2014, the team did not race in the 2015 Cyclothon, although some of its members participated with other teams. “One gold is quite enough,” they said, adding, “This was a great race, our team was good and everything worked out for us.”