How do I plan my ride in the A-category?

The A-category is made up of teams which consist of 4 riders and 2 drivers. The drivers are not allowed to assist with the riding, meaning that they are designated drivers. Riders cannot drive. It is possible to race the category with anywhere between 2-4 riders but the team always has to have 2 drivers.

The team can have one support car only which the drivers will use to take the team around Iceland. One or more riders have to cover each and every part of the route. 

What type of car should we use?

Usually teams in A-category choose a motorhome as their support car. However, the important factor is that riders will have to be able to rest in the car when not riding. The motorhomes generally have a bike rack were the bikes for the resting riders are kept.

It is possible renting a motorhome in Iceland, prices are around 1400 - 1500 EUR for 3 day rental.

Can we find fuel and supplies on the way?

For most part of the way you can find fuel and supplies such as water, drink and snacks at gas stations on roadsides. Usually they are maximum 150 km apart except for between Mývatn (North Iceland) and Egilsstaðir (East Iceland) where no support is to be found.

Gas stations will have longer opening hours during the event but please make sure you have a credit card with valid pin number to be able to use the self-service fuel stations if needed.

Please find updated fuel prices in Iceland through this link.

How long does each rider ride at a time?

It does vary, from a few mintues to an hour. There are no restrictions on how long or short each rider can ride at a time apart from the first part of the race. Further information and instructions about that part will be available before the race start. 

The time each riders spends on the road at a time depends on rider's abilities, the pace at which the team is riding, etc. Drafting between teams in A-category is allowed. Therefore the time for each rider might depend on the pace the other teams are pushing, etc.