We will help you get here

Email us to wowcyclothon@wow.is if you need assistance with managing race logistics, we have experts ready at your service to book cars, carriages, etc.

How do I plan my team's participation. Please move on to the selection for the category applicable.

Flights and luggage

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First you have to get your team to Iceland. WOW Air offers all team members flying to Iceland to participate in the WOW Cyclothon free extra checked-iin luggage (max. 20 kg) and a bicyle bag. Please contact us to book your flight or send us your flight information to wowcyclothon@wow.is to add your free luggage. 

Vehicles and carriages

- Team vehicle rental (one vehicle for individual and A-category, two vehicles for B category). Motorhomes and mini busses. 3 day rental.

- Custom made carriage for the bikes, designed to fit the WOW Cyclothon race tactics.

- Tracker installation. Before starting the race team cars need to have installed a GPS tracker. We'll make sure the team vehicle is ready to go.

Meals and nutrition

- Meals and snacks. Local companies offer meal packages for WOW Cyclothon. Please contact us for further information.

- Nutrition packages. Package with 6 portions of energy drink (for using on the bike), 2 portions of recovery drink (for recovery between rides), 4-6 energy gels per person (mix of gels with or without caffein or upon request).

Repair kits

- Rental repair kit for the car with tubes, extra tires, chain links, tools and floor pump. Team pays for the rental as well as the spare parts used during the trip. 

Hurry up and register your team and book your flights to Iceland with WOW air. We look forward to seeing you on the Ring Road under the midnight sun.