WOW Cyclothon is the largest in number and longest road race in Iceland. Held annually in June the cyclothon takes riders 1358 km around Iceland in a maximum of 72 hours. Nothing will hold back the teams and individuals which will ride relentlessly until reaching the finish line.

The race presents a unique opportunity to enjoy a journey full of firsts and to experience something fresh and different. WOW Cyclothon combines magnificent nature, unity, persistence and teamwork in an amazing way.

WOW Cyclotron has three main categories, A-category (4person team relay), B-category (10 person team relay) and individual category. As well the race has encouraged young riders, members of the Icelandic cycling society, Hjólakraftur to participate. Hjólakraftur (e. cycling power) as its own race category for the youngest participants.

Last but not least the race is a large fundraising for different charity each year.