In 2016 WOW Cyclothon supported Hjólakraftur

The race raised just less then 12 million ISK in 2016 to support Hjólakraftur (Cycling Power), an organization which has sent multiple teams to compete in WOW Cyclothon for the last two years. Both years Hjolakraftur won the pledge competition helping us support other great causes each time. You can read Hjolakrafturs first race story here (http://www.wowcyclothon.com/history/racing-stories/hjolakraftur-2014).

Team Kvika raised the most funds this year, 756,500 ISK. Second in came Team Fjallabræður with 554,000 ISK and Team Toyota the third with 492.000 ISK.

Hjólakraftur - From inactive to active

The Hjolakraftur organizations was founded by Þorvaldur Daníelsson to help children and teenagers who in one way or another were losing in their battle against various lifestyle related diseases and couldn’t find their place in traditional group sports. “Hjolakraftur has cycling classes for groups of children and teens of all shapes and sizes in several locations around Iceland. The classes are held in collaboration with the participants themselves, their parents, their municipality, schools, hospitals and other who’ve offered us a helping hand. The purpose of these Hjolakraftur groups is to empower these kids to be active as opposed to inactive, which benefits themselves as well as their community,” says Þorvaldur Danielsson, Hjolakraftur’s leader.

“Over the next years Hjolakraftur’s goal is visit more towns around Iceland, offering cycling classes and establishing more Hjolakraftur groups. Our ambition is to keep bringing more teams to cycling races, both short races and WOW Cyclothon, winning the pledge competition each time. We can reach this goal by taking good care of our relationship with everyone who’s involved in this project with us. By 2018 I would love Hjolakraftur to have groups in at least 10 towns and cities around Iceland,” Þorvaldur adds.

“Hjolkakraftur already has groups in Reykjavik and participating is Hjolakraftur cycling classes is now an elective subject in two grade schools in south Iceland, Grindavík and Árborg. Groups have been forming around the capital but Hjolakraftur also has a group established in Egilstadir, East Iceland.

„We’re going to keep on establishing these Hjolakraftur groups to help children and teenagers, and maybe even some adults along the way, empowering them to get active and start cycling. That’s Hjolakraftur’s big goal,” Þorvaldur emphasizes.

Establishing cycling groups and keeping up the good work of Hjolkraftur throughout the whole year costs a lot of money and equipment. “The support of WOW Cyclothon this year is invaluable to us. It’s an honor, and what’s more, it makes it possible for us to keep this fun and vital project going,” Þorvaldur concludes.